Central King’s High School Students

“I liked everything about your presentation. It made me cry a few times just to hear about everything you have been through. If I had magic, I would go back in time for you to make sure you did not go out that night. You’re awesome!”

“I liked how passionate about his presentation he was. He gave the impression that he really does want to change the way the world is.”

“I liked this presentation because it changed my thinking about drinking and driving. It also really helped when it is not just a teacher up there presenting, it was a person that was in an accident himself.”

Teachers Comment: “The presentation was excellent. I gained a new empathy for impaired drivers. We need to keep reminding students about the risks of driving impaired and there are consequences for all decisions good or bad. The pictures were excellent in telling your story.”

EDN Newsletter Article

RCMP reference

NSCC King’s Tech. reference

RCMP Frank reference

RCMP Karine reference


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