Claude Comeau’s life took an unexpected swerve, when he was involved in a serious car accident after consuming alcohol. From this experience Claude decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one by sharing his experiences with other people in hopes of preventing similar accidents.

After Claude did a few volunteer oral presentations about the subject, he realised how well the students were listening to him and felt like he was really getting through to them. This gave him the hope that he can make a difference and hence his company “Speaking to Make a Difference” was set into motion.

Claude was born in Meteghan, Nova Scotia. He is a determined person with a good attitude, who genuinely wants to make a positive impact wherever he goes. After his accident, Claude realised that due to his chronic fatigue, chronic pain and limited mobility he would no longer be able to accomplish tasks the way he used to. Now Claude has had to adapt to get the same results but in a different way. Claude is bilingual and he has done approximately one hundred presentations in both official languages to wide ranges of audiences.

Claude feels that creating this business will allow him to share his negative experience and teach people responsible decision making to prevent them from going through what he went through or even something worse.

Claude would gladly take any opportunity to share his story and make his dream of helping people a reality. To contact Claude you can email him at coclaude37@gmail.com or you can call him at (902) 266-2144.


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